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Meet 64 entepreneurs, makers, and investors based in Glasgow

ID 214078

Graham Blaney

Founder Buying Butler • Worked at @atos-origin, @atos-worldline

ID 284796

Khaled Ouafi Zimermann


Founder @heraldsonpost • Investor • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @oracle-2 • Investor @heraldsonpost • Studied at @university-of-cambridge, @imperial-college-london-1

ID 114874

Juan Cartagena

Founder CEO @traity. MBA (HHons) @booth-school-of-business. MEng in EE. Previous experience in strategy, product management, sales

ID 306170

William Anderson

Linux Sysadmin at; worked at WS Atkins, SmoothWall, Linden Lab, Broadcom

ID 352075

Felix Gilfedder

Founder Bolster • Studied at @university-of-sydney, @university-of-glasgow

ID 166468

Graeme Bodys

CEO & Founder nooQ, the first visual collaboration platform for business. Align customer feedback, ideas, and execute projects with 30% greater efficiency.

ID 293290

Sandeep Dhillon

Practice Leader in Technology and Media for Largest Global Expert Network connecting investors with senior industry experts

ID 10130

Christopher McCann

Founder of snap40, a startup using wearables to pre-empt hospital cardiac arrests and other patient deteriorations.

ID 703526

Daniel McCafferty

ID 103272

Andy Green

I'm a film producer and I'm co-founder @distrify - a revolutionary new way for film distribution. If you have a film you want to distribute, get in touch!

ID 250432

Shaun Daley

Founder of Bayestructure & Developer

ID 43366

Jordan Konopate

Founder of Urbanly Media which operates various websites incuding @urstyle @dealley and @techonik

ID 828266

Nikita Shmakov

ID 815783

Gabriele Rossi

I'll do everything in my power and learn the rest

ID 425969

Lynsey Calder

Worked at @colorflash-from-new-kinetics-o-1 • Studied at and worked at @heriot-watt-university University. Designer, Thinker, Inventor, Colour Changer.

ID 339270

Tom Walkinshaw

Founder/CEO @alba-orbital, Worked @hewlett-packard, Graduate @glasgow-caledonian-university

ID 51667

Paul Dragoonis

CTO at, Head of Engineering at, CEO at Dragoonis Digital (

ID 193820

Gareth K Thomas

Co-founder/Director at Reserve Apartments (holiday apartment specialists) and BookParks (online booking for campsites).

ID 171971

Allan Lloyds

Founder & MD of Insight Arcade

ID 77794

Daniel Reilly

I'm a Developer who is pushing the boundaries of plausibility. I hack for good. Comfortable in change. Striving for perfection through disruption.

ID 66529

Laura Grant Comms Director; client portfolio 2,500+ businesses. Online video specialist. Past - UK/US includes STV, Setanta&News International.

ID 109513

Michael Hayes

Founder and CEO of @travel-bit. Founder RookieOven and Curate Scottish @startupdigest. MSc University of Strathclyde, 2012

ID 755316

Jason Dawes

Chief Marketing Officer with International experience in strategy and execution. Passionate about learning and helping others achieve their potential.

ID 476966

Stuart McQuarrie

UI/UX Designer. You can find my work at

ID 298853

Duane Harrison

Product Design student at Glasgow School of Art; Interned at Fjord, Mitsubishi Electric and Google. Experience in User Interaction Design and Graphic Design.

ID 675708

Grant Thompson

ID 159619

Alisdair McDiarmid

Full stack web developer with 15 years experience. PhD in engineering. Worked at two startups. Currently consulting and freelancing for local startups.

ID 818041

Andreas Eliassen

Product Design Engineering student at GSA and UoG. Combining hardware and software knowledge to create products.

ID 718774

Alexander Poignant

Founder Catalysts Development Ltd • Worked at @aiesec, @coca-cola-enterprises • Studied at @university-of-strathclyde-glasgow, @sodertorn-university-college

ID 649629

Craig Pollock


ID 421076

Colin Gemmell

ID 378817

Leonardo Gedler

CTO, Founder Tipket, Enthusiastic android and backend developer.

ID 74036

Renata Pilikinaitė

Tech and Arts Entrepreneur, Co-founder of @eventhread and founder/owner of @dreambeads

ID 573345

Michael Kerrisk

MBS Innovation and European Business Student

ID 651312

Tom Curran

First class honours Computer Science graduate from Strathclyde University. Worked at Accenture.

ID 284812

Pedro Rosalis

I'm very strong on process development and assessment. I've got excellent numeracy skills.I'm very IT friendly and very keen on social media.I've experienced several years in business management and team leading.

ID 147883

Daniel Sunden

Designer and Adventurer. Obsessing over the world and the manifestations of its curiosities.

ID 816813

Digi Gold

Founder • worked on the last QE2 - Insurance industry - Financial services Licence held 1982/2002: Involved in the mine industry for 15 years

ID 313057

Sebastian Maraloiu

Co-Founder and CEO @blushr • Serial entrepereneur, strong marketing skills, growth hacker, product guy, strong team builder

ID 888777

Damien Porcher

10-year experienced IT consultant both as a functional and technical team member/leader. Information systems specialist. Proven and field expertise of retail.

ID 470624

Alistair Tweedie

Hello. I'm Alistair - Glasgow based UI Designer. I love coffee and retro games consoles.

ID 536562

Cristina Olivari

Works at @storkup • Studied at @university-of-edinburgh

ID 680071

Grant Woolard

Recent IT Graduate looking to be part of an exciting start up!

ID 343023

Michelle Andrew

Social Media Support Officer within DRS at Glasgow City Council. Strong Social Media background. BA hons Business degree, LLB Law degree.

ID 514477

James Graham

ID 624271

Tufan Rakshit

Test Analyst

ID 657392

John Sutherland

ID 331701

Alan Horne

A creative web and user interaction designer with an passion for user experience interactive design with a high attention to detail. Seeking employment with a forward thinking company and creative team to work together to create great products.

ID 39049

Grant McAllister

I'm Grant McAllister a 21 year old UX Designer for currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

ID 793783

Rhuaridh Watt

ID 101592

Clarke Duncan

The co-founder of Paid On Results and UK Internet Sites. Latest project Social Enhancer.

ID 291067

Ryan Stenhouse

Ruby engineer, looking for great new challenges, worldwide!

ID 579893

Stefan Raue

Founder @streamspotter-technology

ID 350366

Joakim Lazakis

ID 553852

Gary Walker

Head of Digital Tools at Three. Enthusiastic & ambitious, with over ten years’ experience in Digital, Telecommunications & Insurance sectors. Forever curious.

ID 797885

Ryan McLean

IT Engineer (@Sir Robert McAlpine) also worked with 'PeeeM' 2million+ downloads and I'm only 17.

ID 612247

Lee Boyce

Design, Multimedia, Electronics & Code.

ID 477504

Justina Saveikyte

Graduate in Marketing and Hospitality Management. Background in digital marketing, sales and hospitality. Worked as a digital marketing executive at Glasgow City Council.

ID 75503

Richard Leyton

Freelance infrastructure consultant/architect. sysadmin/DBA.

ID 66590

Vincent Moore

Managing Director at Xltec Solutions

ID 804548

Susan Miller

ID 853313

Victor Ajayi

ID 50578

Marcus Cent

Group Chief Executive Officer at

ID 875507

Mark Taggart

Founder Create eLearning Ltd

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